Groupon and eBay join forces to offer even more discounts!

For all you ebay users out there who take advantage of eBay Bucks, and all you Groupon lovers (like me!) here’s another way to earn eBay Bucks. If you buy your local Groupon’s via eBay’s new Groupon area, you’ll earn 5% in eBay Bucks. I’m not a heavy eBay user, but I do buy things there from time to time, so why not earn some credits for simply purchasing through their site?

Here’s what eBay has to say about this:

eBay has teamed up with Groupon to bring you even more ways to earn eBay Bucks. Members of the eBay Bucks Rewards Program can earn eBay Bucks with Groupon by (i) signing into your eBay account, (ii) accessing a Groupon offer from an eBay site page and (iii) successfully completing the transaction.

Learn more about this promotion at

Another advantage to this, is that you can view deals in other cities more easily than just going to the Groupon website. You don’t even have to log in to eBay in order to do that. Simply go to link and click on “Visit More Cities” to see the daily deal in that area.

In order to get the eBay Bucks credit, you must make your Groupon purchase from eBay, and be sure to login to your eBay account first. They offer two options–one to Login and buy to get the Bucks, and one to Buy Now without the Bucks (not sure why anyone would want that option, but okay.)  

That’s the only part that might take some remembering–since usually I look at my daily Groupon based on the email they send.  In fact, I bought one the other day and completely forgot to do it via eBay. I think Groupon needs to just somehow allow you to enter your eBay login in your account with them to earn the Bucks that way.

I’ll let you know how many eBay Bucks I rack up in the next few months, and whether it’s worth it. I’m betting it will be!