Get $40.00 worth of stuff at The Body Shop for $20.00, today only!

Groupon has done it again! It’s yet another great national deal today, similar to their Gap offer a couple of months ago. Today’s deal, running in all cities, is $40.00 worth of merchandise (in-store only) for $20.00, at The Body Shop.

I’m seeing more and more national deals coming through from Groupon lately…and my gut feeling is that they’ll follow less of a local trend and become a big player in offering deals for big chains. Guess they need to start making back their latest round of $30 million in funding!

Either way, it’s a great deal, and I purchased two of them myself. With the holidays coming up, it’s a great way to save some money buying a gift basket or other items for a friend or family member. Or, I’ll stock up on shower gels for our household–because at $13.00 a pop, I refuse to pay full price…but remember, the deal is on for one day only! Get yours now…