Get a salon service by top stylists for only $20.00 and help fight cancer at the same time at the Aveda Institute Cut-a-thon

I’ve been looking for ways to cut back (no pun intended) on my beautifying costs, and a friend of mine recently suggested I try Aveda Institute of South Florida. She goes there, and actually I have another friend who swears by them (and both have absolutely gorgeous hair!)

I’ve currently been paying $38.00 at my salon, JUST for a haircut–no blow dry, no styling (that would be another $20.00 or so). It’s highway robbery, but I love my hairstylist, and if I have a bad hair day, it’s a MAJOR deal to me.

But, I decided I would give Aveda a try, because I really need to find ways to save money. Usually you can get a haircut/blow dry for about $20.00. Big difference. The catch? These are stylists-in-training, and it can sometimes take a bit longer for the haircut or styling since the students “check in” with their coaches along the way.

Well, I’m willing for it to take a little longer, if it means more money back in my wallet. (Not sure the hubby would agree, he already complains that it takes too long when I go to the salon to beautify. Oh well!)

And even better, on October 10, 2010 (oh wait, that will be 10-10-10, LOL) Aveda Institute of South Florida in Davie is sponsoring a “Cut-a-thon”, where all proceeds from their services will benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

They’ll be bringing top Aveda stylists from Miami to Palm Beach, and are offering haircuts, style/blow drying, manicures, pedicures, and 30 minute focused massage, all for $20.00 each. Appointments are available from 10am to 6pm. Simply call 954-990-0484 to book your service.

The Aveda Institute is located at 4186 S. University Drive in Davie (click here for a map).

I already booked my appointment–will let you know how it goes–and I decided to get the full shebang, haircut and blowdry for $40.00. So I’m still paying less for more, and it all goes to a good cause to boot. That’s shear genius, if you ask me.